Throughout human history, climbing was a helpful skill! It is part of the DNA of human beings! It was used to find food or shelter… sometimes just for fun!

Nowadays its one of the most challenging sports! Our company, R.A.B. can offer you the opportunity to experience the thrill of climbing. Anyone can feel the buzz of adrenalin, that has hooked millions of climbers around the world, and see for yourselves what this fuzz is all about. From a height of approximately 30 meters you will rappel down a cave and climb some easy beginners routes. If you are an experienced climber we can provide you with climbing equipment or a partner to belay you and show you around the beautiful spots that we have in Rhodes! Become one of us

Rhodes Actovities Booking - Climbing 24

Price: €45 (minimum 2, maximum 8 persons), €80 for a private guide
Availability: All year long
Location: The climbing sector in Ladiko
What to wear: Comfortable clothes and shoes
Availability: All year long
Languages: Greek, English, German and Spanish
Accessibility: Public transport, Taxi or R.A.B. can organize your transportation.
Equipment: All equipment is provided by R.A.B.
Duration: From 16:00 to 20:00