crossfitness1The Philosophy behind Crossfit(ness)

Crossfit(ness) is a new sport and not just a new type of training. It essentially consists of exercises with weights, gymnastics, power lifting, track and field and many other exercises, which are chosen randomly and are executed in a limited time span.

Why should you try it?

Don’t rush into any conclusions and think “this is too difficult for me”. The Crossfit(ness) modules might generally have the same structure but the difficulty level varies a lot. We always adjust it to the participant. To his/her abilities and to his/her personal characteristics.

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Price: 7€
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Near the Rodini Park, in Rhodes City,Address: Lindou 51, Rhodes, Greece
What to wear: Light sports clothes and shoes.
Accessibility: Public buses, Taxi or R.A.B. can organize the transportation for you.
Languages: English, Greek.