On the Greek islands, fishing is part of the tradition! We give you the opportunity to experience this tradition of the local people, to be fishing like them for a couple of hours. A beautiful traditional wooden, which is 7,5-meter-long boat, will be used for this purpose. After getting on the boat, depending on the weather, the captain will choose the best spot for the day, which can be as far as 1,5 miles away from the coastline. Captain Michalis will grill some fish and make some delicious greek salad for you on the boat. Become one of us.




Location: Kolona Port
Price: € 45 (Lunch included)
Duration: Approximately 4 hours, starting at 09:00 or 13:30
What to wear: Depending to the weather but definitively have a hat and sunscreen with you
Participants: Minimum 2 persons, maximum 6
Accessibility: Easy parking at the port. If you are staying in the city you can walk there. If you are staying further out of town, R.A.B can assist you with your transportatio
Weather: Almost like with all the other outdoor activities, fishing is especially dependent on the weather conditions. Days with strong winds and currents or big waves are especially dangerous. In case of a cancellation, we will return the deposit that you have prepaid
Languages: English and Gree



Rhodes Activities Booking wishes you a memorable stay on Rhodes! Book your fishing trip with us!