It is a unique experience that will stay forever in your mind. Unforgettable.. a day trip into the big blue Aegean Sea. A trip full of colors, sounds and odours of Greek nature.

The trip

A mini cruise with a speed boat, from Kamiros Skala to the fishfarm, to Chalki and Alimia.

We start our trip from the picturesque little port of Kamiros Skala which is approximately 50km southwest of Rhodes Town. After a short ride with our speedboat we arrive at the first stop of the day, the fish farm. There you can see huge quantities of fish and perhaps touch a few of them.

Breams, bases and tunas are waiting to be fed by you.

This is just the beginning. You will have the opportunity to swim around the nets with the fishes. A paradise full of many types of fish that have turned the farm into their home. We might even see dolphins if we are lucky. We will provide you with snorkeling equipment. If you would like to take the opportunity to scuba dive then we can have it arranged at an extra cost.

The next stop is the little island of Alimia. There is a heavenly beach where the crystal clear blue water is calling you to immerse yourself in it. The only people that we might meet are owners of boats that are looking for solitude and peace away from town. You could visit the abandoned settlement of that island that has been deserted for more than 50 years.

natura1The next stop is the island of Chalki the smallest dodocenese island untouched by tourism. At the esplanade there are all the mansions of the social life of Chalki: Restaurants, coffee shops, pastry and bakery shops. The eye gets captured from the background though, from the wonderful houses. A harmonic symphony of colors and shapes. Once you step on this island, you will immerse yourself into the traditional Greek way of life, with a peaceful stroll that will allow you to try out local and traditional dishes.

On the way back to Kamiros Skala, we will choose one of the three stops, depending on the weather conditions.. At the organized beach of Pontamos, which is a sandy beach, a pebbly beach called Ftenagia or a beach merged into the rocks called Areta

The boat

The Blunatura is a 10 meter long boat, specially constructed for rides in the Aegean Sea, to safely transport 10 guests (+2 member of the crew).

It has fridges, fresh water and a toilet. It is fully equipped with all necessary rescue and nautical equipment for safe journeys.

Price: Adults:190€, Kids (5-12): 100€,  Kids(2-5): free
Extra Scuba Diving: For beginners: 80 per person (2hours), For experienced: 60 per person (1 hour)
Participants: Minimum 6 persons, maximum 10.
Duration: 10:00 – 17:00.
Location: Kamiros Skala port.
Weather: Like all outdoor activities, especially sea activities, strong winds might cause the cancelation of the trip.
What to wear: Sunscreen, hat, towel, and thin jacket. Might come handy on the way back.
Accessibility: An hour away from the city center (50km). Drive along the west coast road until you get to the port of Kamiro Skala. R.A.B. can help you with your transportation.